Practice Areas

Our law firm covers all areas of labour law. We also advise our clients in all other legal areas related to labour law.

Individual labour law



  • draft and review labour law agreements,


  • advise employers on the efficient legal structuring of working conditions in their companies and businesses,


  • represent employers in and out of court, and


  • advise and represent managing directors, members of supervisory boards, as well as executives toward their companies or third parties.



Social security law


  • advise clients on the best possible structure of service contracts, mandates and non-standard employment contracts in connection with the respective social insurance evaluation, and


  • represent companies in all matters of social security law before authorities and courts.



Corporate law


  • advise and represent corporations and their bodies,


  • advise and represent clients in conflicts between managing directors,  supervisory board members and the companies or their shareholders, and


  • draw up rules of procedure for management and supervisory bodies.



Trade law



  • review the necessary trade licenses and concessions, particularly in connection with issues concerning the applicable collective bargaining agreements, and


  • obtain the respective trade licenses and concessions.


Insolvency law


  • advise corporations on labour law-related insolvency issues, particularly issues in connection with acquisitions from insolvent estates, and 


  • represent managers, board members, and employees in insolvencies.

Collective labour law



  • draft and review shop agreements,


  • advise and represent employers and staff representatives in all labour constitution matters,


  • participate in internal negotiations with staff representatives,


  • support voluntary employer organisations to obtain the right to bargain collective agreements, and


  • participate in negotiating and concluding collective agreements with voluntary employer organisations.


Public employment law


We advise and represent political subdivisions, outsourced companies and institutions, and civil servants (Beamte und Vertragsbedienstete) in all employment law matters, as well as in official and court proceedings.



Disinvestments and privatizations



  • support clients in connection with the transfer of civil servants to divested companies,


  • draft the necessary bills or municipal council decisions in connection with the proposed disinvestment, and


  • advise divested entities on how to solve staff-related problems as a result of conflicts between “public” and "private" labour law.


Medical law/
Hospital law

We represent and support physicians and hospitals, particularly in labour law issues arising during the restructuring process of private and public hospitals with a particular focus on aspects of hospital and university law.



  • support and advise corporations on labour law issues arising during their restructuring process,


  • structure the transition of employment and working conditions, particularly in connection with transfers of businesses, and


  • advise on legal issues arising in the course of a consolidation of different personnel cultures.

Company pension law


  • set up company pension plans and review existing pension schemes both in terms of inherent legal risks and their economic impact on companies, and


  • advise and represent clients in connection with abandoning or changing company pension plans and pension benefits.

IP/Competition law



  • advise clients on how to draft contracts and represent them in court and out-of-court conflicts, including but not limited to copyright disputes and employee inventions, and


  • clarify competition issues, especially in connection with the solicitation of employees.

Distribution law


  • advise clients on how to optimize the structure of modern distribution systems, and


  • represent and advise clients in connection with the cancellation of agency agreements and compensation disputes.

Posting of workers and temporary employment

We advise clients on how to optimize contractual terms and conditions in accordance with labor and social law concerning the posting of workers and temporary employment in Austria and abroad. 


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